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March 30, 2010 14:38
Face recognition software for iPhone @ Entertainment applications

Can computers see and recognize objects as we do in real life? Well, not yet. The process of object recognition that happens in a human brain is still not clear for researchers. It is known that it takes a human brain 100 milliseconds to recognize some objects, very fast.

What about face recognition?

When a person recognizes an object: car brand or tree type, he uses only 20-30% of brain capabilities. When a person recognizes another person this figure rises to 70%.

Although each face is unique it is very difficult even for us to recognize our relatives or friends that we have not seen for some time. Or remember the situation when parents argue whom resembles their newly born child.

Face recognition and comparison that we do in our brain is very subjective.

How do computer programs carry out face recognition and comparison of faces?

A computer can’t be subjective when speaking about objects recognition. The software only measures proportions of the face on the incoming image and compares it with proportions of the faces in the database. So the computer compares figures to figures and that’s it.

That is how our applications work. We find your celebrity look alikes using mathematical algorithms that count the propotion of your face and compares it with our celebrity database.

That’s why it may happen that you may look like a korean type girl or an afro-american. The software doesn’t recognize skin colour. It compares figures.

We understand that face recognition carried out by computers is way to go to the level of recognition that we do in our brain.

Ivango team does its best to improve the results that you receive when you use My Celebtwin and Look-a-Like applications for iPhone.

It is very important for us to receive your detailed feedback on our face recognition software for iPhone. Please, if you have any information to share with us, comment on our blog or send us an e-mail at play.analogia at gmail.com.

Thank you!


April 8, 2010 20:34
friendfinder wrote :


I installed My Celebtwin. At first I had problems with results. The app returned Server error. I understood the problem was not on the server side: I submitted a better photo and it worked ok

April 8, 2010 20:40
admin wrote :

The best jewel game for android in 2016 Hi, friendfinder. Thank you for your feedback. In previous versions of My Celebtwin (earlier than 1.6) the app showed server errors for bad quality photos also. It was really misleading. So beginning with 1.6 we show a special screen with the reasons why our servers can’t find the face on your photo. These easy steps will really help to improve the results of face recognition.

April 13, 2010 12:37
My Celebtwin – Your Personal Face Recognition App For iPhone (Free Promo Codes) | All iPhone Apps Review wrote :

[...] You can read some more information on face recognition in our Blog. [...]

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