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July 18, 2010 20:08

Big update of Celebtwin – we did it! @ Entertainment applications

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We released a new big update of the application that helps you to find your celebrity look alikes.
Firstly, we changes the name of the app – now it is Celebtwin – Celebrity Look Alike. To find it in App Store search for Celebtwin.
So what’s new?
Bug fixes. We received feedback from you that there is a repeating bug connected with Internet connection that prevented our users from getting results. We found the cause for it and version 3.1 will have no problems with getting results.
Manual eye marking.
Didn’t like the results of automatic photo processing? Locate eyes on the photo yourself. This new feature makes it possible to carry photo recognition of no-human objects, for example, your pet or best toy.
celebrity look alike
Facebook and Twitter.
We fixed several bugs here. You are now able to send your results to several Facebook friends at a time. Let your friends to have fun too!
By the way, you can always try our technology for free before buying: try Lite version of Celebtwin.

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