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May 5, 2010 11:32

Share My Celebtwin results. Post photo to your Facebook page @ Entertainment applications

Ivango understands that if you get interesting results with My Celebtwin you want to share them with your friends.

The best jewel game for android in 2016 That’s why version 2.0 includes Send photo to Facebook and Twitter option. To send your celebrity doppelganger to your Facebook profile press the envelope button underneath your results. The app will go to the screen (see below). Choose how you want to show your friends the face comparison results you have: Facebook, Twitter or send them the screenshot by e-mail.
Your Facebook connections will see celebrity look alikes in your photo album and their live feed.

April 19, 2010 14:45

Look-a-Like Lite and My Celebtwin Lite have only male photos recognition @ Uncategorized

Ivango has launched two versions of Look-a-Like and My Celebtwin in iTunes Store, free Lite version and Full (3.99$), so that you can try the app before buying it.

There were several disappointed comments about our Lite versions – they recognize only MALE PHOTOS. Yes, it is true, because they’re Lite versions.

my celebtwin

We have written about the shortened list of options for our free iPhone applications. Still some of you continue to upload female photos and get back results with male photos and get disapointed.

That’s why we decided  to write a post in our blog to clear it up. Lite version uses only male photo database. If you upload a female photo the app will try to find look alikes within male celebrities. Men and women are all human beings… sometimes they look alike.

Please, if you want to find your female celebrity look alike, buy female photo recognition as an inApp purchase – press Add features. It costs 2.99$. Or download the Full version – it includes all options available.

my celebtwin

Thank you for understanding!

My Celebtwin Lite

Look-a-Like Lite

March 30, 2010 14:38

Face recognition software for iPhone @ Entertainment applications

Can computers see and recognize objects as we do in real life? Well, not yet. The process of object recognition that happens in a human brain is still not clear for researchers. It is known that it takes a human brain 100 milliseconds to recognize some objects, very fast.

What about face recognition?

When a person recognizes an object: car brand or tree type, he uses only 20-30% of brain capabilities. When a person recognizes another person this figure rises to 70%.

Although each face is unique it is very difficult even for us to recognize our relatives or friends that we have not seen for some time. Or remember the situation when parents argue whom resembles their newly born child.

Face recognition and comparison that we do in our brain is very subjective.

How do computer programs carry out face recognition and comparison of faces?

A computer can’t be subjective when speaking about objects recognition. The software only measures proportions of the face on the incoming image and compares it with proportions of the faces in the database. So the computer compares figures to figures and that’s it.

That is how our applications work. We find your celebrity look alikes using mathematical algorithms that count the propotion of your face and compares it with our celebrity database.

That’s why it may happen that you may look like a korean type girl or an afro-american. The software doesn’t recognize skin colour. It compares figures.

We understand that face recognition carried out by computers is way to go to the level of recognition that we do in our brain.

Ivango team does its best to improve the results that you receive when you use My Celebtwin and Look-a-Like applications for iPhone.

It is very important for us to receive your detailed feedback on our face recognition software for iPhone. Please, if you have any information to share with us, comment on our blog or send us an e-mail at play.analogia at gmail.com.

Thank you!

March 28, 2010 10:10

Face recognition for iPhone with Look-a-Like @ Entertainment applications

The iPhone application Look-a-Like is your personal face recognition software for iPhone.

Look-a-Like will find your celebrity look alike. Take a photo of yourself or your friend and relatives or use the photo from your iPhone and send it. Look-a-Like will answer your question “Who do I look like?”

If you want to try the application befo buying install Look-a-Like Lite. The lite version processes only photos of men and you won’t be able to save you results for later. Still you can buy female photos recognition and save for later option (History) as an inApp purchase.

New Features are coming:

Send the results of celebrity face comparisom to your Facebook page, Twitter or send via e-mail.

If you like our applications, please, leave reviews. It is very important for us to get feedback from you.

March 25, 2010 17:51

Who is my celebrity doppelganger? @ Entertainment applications

Who do I look like? Do I have a celebrity doppelganger? If you sometimes ask yourself these questions or your friends tell you resemble them someone famous then our app for iPhone is just for you.

My Celebtwin finds celebrities that you look alike applying facial recognition algorithms.

The process is easy: you take a photo with your iPhone camera or choose the photo from your iPhone. For better results, please, no blurred photos, head turns or bends. The best photo will look like this

celebrity look-a-like

If you send the photo of bad quality – it may happen that the algorithm can’t find eyes or face (especially, if the face doesn’t stand out from the background).  Here are the main reasons for bad or no results.

celebrity lookalike

If you want to try the app before buying it install Lite version of My Celebtwin. Lite version processes only photos of men and there is no opportunity to save your results for later. Still if you like our app you can buy female recognition as an in App purchase.

If you like our application, please, leave a review. We enjoy getting feedback!

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