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May 27, 2010 23:11

4 ways to find your celebrity look alike with your iPhone @ Entertainment applications

I am researching the field of face recognition since 2006. Almost 4 years Pretty much :)

During these years face recognition online services migrated from the Web to our cell phones. Now you are able to do face recognition and face comparison with your iPhone.

The best jewel game for android in 2016 Firstly, let’s name the starters of face recognition for entertainment purposes.  These sites were the firstto tell you Who do you look like and who is your celeb twin. The most famous sites are: My Heritage, FaceDouble (also a Facebook app), Picolator and Play Analogia.

These sites were the first to start their own apps for iPhone.

1. MyCeleb by My Heritage

My Heritage released MyCeleb (free) on February 14th. The app has a very glamorous design and pleasant effects when the photo is being processed.

You upload your face, the app finds your celebrity look alike and you can share your results to Facebook and Twitter.  You get 4 matches for each photo.

celebrity look alikecelebrity twin

2. FaceDouble Celebrity Look Alike

FaceDouble (1.99) goes a little bit further, it has social features. FaceDouble doesn’t only tell you who is your best celeb match, but also enables you to vote for other people face comparisons and see the top matches .

celebrity look alike celebrity look alike competition

3. My Celebtwin by Ivango

My Celebtwin and Look-a-Like are applications by Ivango. My Celebtwin has a very pleasant design and is easy to navigate (so reviewers say). My Celebwtin has 2 versions – Lite version (free) and Full version (3.99)

celebrity look alikeshare twitter facebook

You can share your match with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can also send your face comparison results via e-mail.

4. Celebalike

Celebalike (1.99) is an application coming from UK. Very simple to use. An interesting match page.

Each of the applications uses its own face recognition technology. It is up to you to decide whether you really look like the celeb on Your match screen.  If you have any other suggestions about the apps that do face comparisons, please, leave your comment here.

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