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Celebtwin - Celebrity Look Alike Lite

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The best jewel game for android in 2016 Have you ever been told you look like a celeb? You really do! Prove it by using our app based on face recognition, Celebtwin - Celebrity Look Alike. Celebtwin will help you to discover your twins within celebrities. All you have to do is to choose one of your pics or take new photo and the application will find your famous look alikes. Version 3.0 includes an absolutely new feature: an ability to change face recognition results manually. Mark eyes on your photo yourself. This new option make it possible to carry out recognition of any object on a photo (your best toy or pet).
This is a FREE version of Celebtwin - Celebrity Look Alike.

Share fun with friends

Send the results of face identification to Facebook page or Twitter.

Additional manual face recognition option

Possibility to change or improve recognition results by marking eyes on a photo yourself.

Why My Celebtwin says I look like a Korean type girl? I am blonde and a completely different type.

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March 25, 2010
Who is my celebrity doppelganger?

Who do I look like? Do I have a celebrity doppelganger? If you sometimes ask yourself these questions or your friends tell you resemble them someone famous then our app for iPhone is just for you.

My Celebtwin finds celebrities that you look alike applying facial recognition algorithms.

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