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My Famous Portrait

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The best jewel game for android in 2016 Isn’t it incredible to know that you are the living image of outstanding people from the past? Could it be possible that you are an offspring of one of those geniuses?
My Famous Portrait helps you to find your twin on well-known paintings drawn by famous artists. Just choose one of your pics from your album or take new pic and the application will find your image on famous portraits. The database stores about 150 pictures created by famous artists, and the number of portraits in the gallery is constantly growing. Currently it includes well-known portraits pertaining to different historical periods, from the Middle Ages to modern times: Rubens, Francesco Hayez, Leonardo da Vinci, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, etc. Find out whose famous portrait you resemble most.

My Famous Portrait Press Kit

Share fun with friends

Send the results of face identification to Facebook page or Twitter.

Additional manual face recognition option

Possibility to change or improve recognition results by marking eyes on a photo yourself.

Paint your portrait in one click

An option to insert your pic into the painting.

Coming soon

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March 30, 2010
Face recognition software for iPhone

Can computers see and recognize objects as we do in real life? Well, not yet. The process of object recognition that happens in a human brain is still not clear for researchers.
It is known that it takes a human brain 100 milliseconds to recognize some objects, very fast.

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We create entertainment application using facial recognition algorithms. Soon we will release new apps using out technology. Stay in touch.

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