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Touch Notes

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A universal app for note taking - make audio notes, keyboard notes and even notes with your finger! Touch Notes includes three ways one can make notes on iPhone - all in one app!

- Type notes with iPhone keyboard.
- Write notes with a finger.
- Record voice.

Add and combine backgrounds

Add beautiful backgrouds to a note. Create artworks.

Send notes

Send keyboard and written notes via email, send to Facebook and Twitter.

Coming soon

iPad version. Send audio notes.

Coming soon

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May 13, 2011 07:38
Touch Notes for iPhone, iPod and iPad!

Our new app Touch Notes for iPhone reviewed by Dailyappshow.com! Enjoy.

The best jewel game for android in 2016 Touch Notes allows notes to be typed directly into an iPhone, using the device keyboard, and notes can also be handwritten, on-screen, with a finger in fine, recognizable print. Touch Notes also accommodates users who prefer, or are best served by, audio notes by providing a multi-function voice/audio recorder.

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